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… just when I feared we were at the bottom of the list, a quick review showed there are still a few species of interest that should  yield great bird pictures.  Would you like to get shots like the one featured here?  Birding and nature photography remain a top past time in Southwest Florida so let’s continue wit the Tri Colored Heron:

Tri Colored Heron by Gordon Campbell www.swfloutdoorphotography.com

Tri Colored Heron by Gordon Campbell www.swfloutdoorphotography.com.

1- One of our more common heron species the tri colored heron is also known as the Louisiana heron.  On land or in flight this beauty is easily identified by its slender, elegant build.

2- They’re our only heron to display both dark colors above and white below.  Closer inspection will reveal a lilac colored eye, a soft white crest and a mix of blues, purples and whites paired up with some rusty colored plumage on the neck.

3- Tri coloreds are a bird photographer’s favorite with their good looks, abundance and intense, athletic feeding behavior.

Tip: if you locate one feeding along the surf move in the direction the bird is headed, establish a nice low angle and let the bird walk right into your frame for a nice portrait or image of feeding behavior.

Bird identification, best locations,techniques like the one noted above and more are covered in all of my workshops.  Have a question or interest?- Leave a comment or email below…Gordon.

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