“Birds of Florida, Muscovy Ducks”…

… gone feral.  If you’re talking trivia with your bird loving friends, ask something to the effect of “which American Duck native to both Mexico & the Pacific Northwest has morphed into a huge feral population distributed widely across Florida”?  Of course the answer is “Muscovies”!  Though sharing the common trait of perching with our stunning wood duck, the Muscovy may be our least photogenic bird, usually.  How to beautifully photograph Muscovies-

Ducklings by swfloutdoorphotography.com

Muscovies can be photogenic...

Ducklings- right up there with kittens and puppies, ducklings of any species are soft captivating subjects that appeal almost universally.  So forget the red, bulbous  faced, greasy looking adults (particularly the males) and get down on ground level and capture some images of these juvenile beauties.  One other exception might be the adult females who often have a nice white head and can appear as quite attractive.

Silhouettes- regular readers of this blog know form & light rule so a well composed silhouette of a pair of muscovies cruising the community pond warmly lit by the early or late day sun  can actually make a striking image.  Catch one perched and back lit and you’ve really scored.  In either case watch your shutter speed to avoid unwanted blurs.

So if a trip to the beach, Everglades or other areas of wild Florida are out of the question, venture right out the door and see if you can put together a great picture of this locally feral invader.  You can get ideas and see more images of all the species we’ve covered and will feature in the future right here.  And feel free to share any shots you’re proud of… Gordon.

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